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About TYSC

Who we are

The Tuscarora Youth Soccer Club (TYSC) is a competitive travel soccer club serving locations in and around the Tuscarora School District,Franklin County, PA and the Tuscarora Mountain including, but not limited to, Mercersburg, Greencastle, Chambersburg, Waynesboro, Fort Loudon, Saint Thomas, and McConnellsburg. At TYSC, we promote participation in the game of soccer while teaching the principles of soccer excellence, sportsmanship, athletic skills, team spirit, character and social interaction. The ideals of enjoyment, fair play, safety, integrity and honesty will be emphasized and will be an integral part of soccer play organized by TYSC and by members participating on TYSC teams. We provide age and ability appropriate competition as well as soccer educational opportunities to enable every member of TYSC to achieve their personal goals in their selected recreation.

Revolution 3v3

The first Revolution 3v3 was held in May of 2012. The goal behind the tournament was to allow players from our area to have fun and compete without the heavy entry fees and cost of transportation. With the help from many gracious volunteers, the tournament was a hit with local clubs. In 2013, the tournament added what is known as 'Keeper Wars.' Keeper Wars, though not popular at registration time, was a hit with spectators on tournament day. The Tournament has returned for 2014 - All information can be found at TYSCSoccer.org/3v3.

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Juggling Tags

What is Juggling a soccer ball?

Very simply, Juggling is using all soccer-legal parts of the body to keep the ball from reaching the ground.

Why do we encourage our players to juggle? They don't juggle in the game, so why are they juggling at practice?

John Moores University in Liverpool, England set out to discover if juggling a ball with your feet only will have any effect on the ability to juggle with your knees or the ability to control a ball in a game-like situation. The study (to which more information can be found at http://www.footballtricks.com/ViewContent.aspx?nID=319) found that "In 4 weeks with only 10 minutes juggling per day an 8.4% improvement in their stronger foot and 6.8% in their weaker foot was shown in the ability to control a ball propelled at the players. This suggests that the skills learnt in ball juggling can be transferred to ball control in a game situation."

It is true that our players will likely never directly juggle in their weekend matches, but the benefits of teaching balance, first touch, focus, aerial control, and commitment, are all very valuable to our sport.

In order to promote juggling in our club, TYSC offers juggling tags to our players. Juggling tags are hard plastic tags that the player can attach to their soccer bag and keep track of their progress. All players at TYSC who reach the first benchmark of 5 juggles is eligible to receive a juggling tag Just ask your coach!

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Board of Directors

Interested in running on the TYSC Board of Directors? Contact Randy Jarrett for more information

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child need to be to play?

TYSC has a local recreation program for players as young as 4 years old. After the child reaches 8 and they still have an interest in the game, they are able to move up to our competitive travel teams until they are 18!

What equipment does my child need to play?

Players are responsible for their own soccer ball, water bottle, cleats (specifically soccer cleats, not football,) and shin-guards for practice. They'll also be required to purchase black shorts and black socks for games.

I'm ready to play! Where do I sign up?

TYSC holds sign ups twice a year, for both Fall and Spring seasons. Fall Registrations begin in May and Spring registrations begin in November. Links with information reguarding sign ups can be found on our home page. We also encourage parents to follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

How can I purchase TYSC Spiritwear?

TYSC Spiritwear is offered every season to active players. Fall seasons typically see apparel with the TYSC Logo and Breast Cancer Awareness items while Spring designs tend to be unique to that season.

How can I sign up to volunteer for TYSC?

There are never enough volunteers at TYSC. We are always looking for help coaching, assistant coaching, field and equipment maintenance, setting up flags on game day, painting lines... the list is endless. Contact Randy Jarrett to find out how you can help.

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