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Revolution 3v3 May 18th, 2014
Fort Loudon Community Center
142 Mullen St.
Fort Loudon, PA, 17224

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The Revolution 3v3 is a one day youth soccer tournament for groups U8-U14 and promises to be exciting for all of those involved. Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 games, with trophies being awarded to the top team in every bracketed division competition.

TYSC realizes the heavy cost that most tournaments burden teams with. For teams in our area, most tournaments require hours of driving to the location. Our goal is to solve both of these problems once a year by providing a close, inexpensive competition for our youth soccer players.

Cost Per Team (5 Player Maximum): $65.00
Checks can be made out to TYSC
Deadline for entry: May 4th 2014

3v3 Rules Team Registration Form

Back This Year...
Revolution 3v3 We're very excited to be offering Keeper Wars again this year! Many of the kids who saw it last year (Field Players included) said they wished they'd signed up!

What is Keeper Wars?

Keeper Wars is a fast paced competition between 2 goal keepers. Players use throws, punts, rolls, kicks, drop kicks, or headers in an effort to score on their opponent. Points are also rewarded if the defending keeper is able to catch and hold their opponents scoring attempt. Whoever scores more points than their opponent, wins the game. Competition will be run the same time as the 3v3. The cost is $10/player.

Deadline for entry: May 4th 2014

Keeper Wars Rules Keeper Wars Registration Form

All registrations should be mailed to: Revolution 3v3, PO Box 92, Mercersburg, PA 17236.


  • T-shirt sizes are asked for tournament tshirt ordering purposes. If sponsorships cover the cost of tshirts for registrants, they will be provided for free. If not, they will be provided at a discounted rate based on sponsorship.
  • Team Gender and Type (Rec or Comp) are asked for the purposes of splitting up brackets if registrations are many. If there are not enough teams to create competitive and recreational brackets, the brackets will be combined. In many cases teams will be rolled up to the even U-ages (U11s will play U12 unless there are enough U11 and 12 teams to be separated.) If there are not enough teams at the younger ages to create a boys and girls bracket, they will be combined.
  • If there is not a coed bracket, coed teams will be placed in the boys bracket.
  • Keeper Wars brackets will be created based on registration. If there are not enough GKs in a bracket, the coach will be notified by email and given the option to withdraw or join another bracket.
  • A concession stand will be on-site
  • There will be a first aide kit availble, but no medical trainer.

2013 Winners:

U10 Compet: HXL3 U10 Rec: Littlestown Storm
U12G Compet: Greencastle Explosion U12G Rec: Greencastle 01G - Blast
U14G: Super Heroes In Training U14B: Big Spring Blackout
U16G: Chambersburg Sapphires U16B: Rockets FC
U18B: Revolution U18G: CBG

2012 Winners:

U8: HXL3 U10: Fire
U12B1: Locomotive FC Blue A U12B2: Platinum
U12G: Vipers U14B: Real Madrid
U14G: Sapphires U16B: Biglerville United
U18G: Storm